Same Difference? – Social Media Marketing vs. Social Media Management

“Tweets,” “newsfeed,” “post,” “share” are some of the many words that had different meanings before. What about words like “Selfie,” “groupie,” “photobomb,” and “hashtag” which didn’t even exist several years ago? Apparently, Social Media has changed the way we talk, live, and do business across the world.  Continue reading Same Difference? – Social Media Marketing vs. Social Media Management


EVA Training Day 05

It was certainly “save the best for last” kind-of-day today as we wrapped the topics for the training.
We commenced with some cool video and image editing tools. Moovly and Pixlr are very engaging web apps. How I wish I already knew Moovly before and used it to create my video.
The last assessment is quite challenging. 
However, today’s highlights are the two activities. They are both entertaining and stimulating but are very practical activity. 
If training can come up with more activities like that, I am sure that TVH will have more competent and more confident EVAs.
Big thanks to Jonathan and Jeri. These guys are awesome, accommodating, warm, and dedicated to helping us learn throughout this training.

EVA Training Day 04

Today’s topics are utterly absorbing.  We talked about important things that are in-demand yet not very easy to do for beginners. 
We talked about social media marketing and how it relates to our job as a VA. After that, we quickly touched base with SEO  and blogging for business.  
There are tons of things I learned about Social Media tools. Wix and MailChimp are two of my favorites. It’s my first time to hear Gamblr, but the video tutorial was very detailed and thorough. 
I have to research more about Socialclout and Socialoomph as these two applications are very new to me.
I appreciate the additional interview points shared to the class. The main suggestion I have for this is to talk about more on the approach that will help interviewees follow a flow and express talking points during interviews. Examples are ARM, FAB Elevator speech, and other techniques that will teach the method rather than trying to analyze each possible questions.
I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s graduation!

EVA Training Day 02

Our first topic today is business email, phone, and text etiquette practices. We reviewed the best practices from the “subject,” “greeting,” and “signature” for writing emails. The “tone of your voice” in the email is an enormous factor on how we can project professionalism. Continue reading EVA Training Day 02

Learning WordPress – Part 2 (Adding Multimedia)

Adding Photos and Images

From the editor, you can click “Add Media” button, and you’ll be taken to “Insert Media” window where you can put “title,” “caption,” “alt text,” and “description” for the image you added. You can also specify the alignment on where you want to show it. You can choose it as a link and its behavior, and also its size. Continue reading Learning WordPress – Part 2 (Adding Multimedia)