Learning WordPress – Part 2 (Adding Multimedia)

Adding Photos and Images

From the editor, you can click “Add Media” button, and you’ll be taken to “Insert Media” window where you can put “title,” “caption,” “alt text,” and “description” for the image you added. You can also specify the alignment on where you want to show it. You can choose it as a link and its behavior, and also its size.

The theme that you are using will make necessary adjustments to fit the image into your post. Also, from the editor window, you can click the picture to reveal some quick formatting tools for your image.

Embed Videos and Audio

The easiest way to embed a video on your site is the first upload it to a video hosting service like YouTube or Vimeo. Once your video has been uploaded and converted successfully, you can just copy the embed code and then paste it into a new post.

Another way (which I think is loads better) is just to paste the URL that we copy from the Vimeo page into the content area, and WordPress will automatically create a preview of what the video will look like in action. These real-time previews also work with you to view AR rails or even other services like Twitter.

You can visit the WordPress Codex for a list of sites and services that support auto-embeds.

You can also upload audio files, and WordPress will even create a playlist if you upload multiple audio files to a single post. Just drag and drop those audio files into the editor and when they’re finished uploading. Then, choose “create audio playlist” from the menu on the left then click the create a new playlist button now just like the process of editing a photo gallery.

You can use this same process to create a video playlist but remember video files are much larger than audio files, so it’s usually a better idea to use a third-party video host.

Using the Media Library

You can also upload other file types such as PDFs or even Word documents. By using the “media library” you can edit, delete or view Media files that you uploaded to your site previously. You can modify the title caption and description of the archive, and now our file is ready for use in a future page or post.


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