EVA Training Day 01

We kicked off Day 01 with training orientation (e.g. expectations, house rules, decorum) followed by some engaging activities.

The training orientation set some good foundation for the rest of the training. I really like how the trainer emphasized that correct behaviors in the (online) classroom especially on how it can impact our future careers as VA.

The Grammar review and Business Idioms were refreshing! There is nothing much to recommend for these two topics. However, it may be a good reinforcement to use the idioms in a context or conversation (e.g. role play, dialogue, etc.)to see how they are commonly used in real life.

The game “Pictionary” was a good ice breaker, too!  In my opinion, this game was able to emphasize how important clear communication is.   I think communication the most important for someone who does something for a client remotely. At the same time,  it made the classroom atmosphere feel more relaxed while learning and having fun.

All in all, I think it was a good first day. Although it would have been more productive if it wasn’t for the technical issues.


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