EVA Training Day 02

Our first topic today is business email, phone, and text etiquette practices. We reviewed the best practices from the “subject,” “greeting,” and “signature” for writing emails. The “tone of your voice” in the email is an enormous factor on how we can project professionalism.

In writing effective emails with clients and their business partners, we must always keep our conversation short, concise and professional at all times.

For urgent requests, it’s better to make a phone call instead. For non-urgent requests, you can allow 48 hours for the apply. It is also important to acknowledge an email upon receipt within 24 hours.

We also covered best practices in writing business letters and phone etiquette were also covered.

For the second topic, we talked about customer service skills and how it relates to the job of an EVA. The focus was on the core customer service skills that are “must” for a VA. The acronym HEARD which stands for Hear, Empathize, Apologize, Resolve and Diagnose is something new to me. It is a good acronym to remember when handling customer complaints.

The topic is about calendaring or calendar management. Although I am very familiar with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar, I was amazed on the tasks that we can do for our clients as an EVA. The trainer did the right thing in giving tips on how we can exceed expectations for this particular task for our customers.

I learned a lot of stuff today about different web applications Join.me and Uberconference are pretty straightforward to use for conference calling. World Time Buddy is another interesting free app. I used Outlook back in my BPO days, but not the 2013 version. Although the functions are pretty much the same, it would be a good idea to install one to be more familiar with it. Google Voice looks cool. It centralizes all your communication in just one page. I am an iPhone user, but I haven’t experienced using AirMail yet. It was quite information overload today. However, it is much better that yesterday for I felt that we covered and learned a couple of things for this session. As for suggestions, I would recommend having the resources sent in advance (links to videos), then run the supporting slides and have quick knowledge check or activity to make it more interactive.





Google Voice


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