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EVA Training Day 04

Today’s topics are utterly absorbing.  We talked about important things that are in-demand yet not very easy to do for beginners. 
We talked about social media marketing and how it relates to our job as a VA. After that, we quickly touched base with SEO  and blogging for business.  
There are tons of things I learned about Social Media tools. Wix and MailChimp are two of my favorites. It’s my first time to hear Gamblr, but the video tutorial was very detailed and thorough. 
I have to research more about Socialclout and Socialoomph as these two applications are very new to me.
I appreciate the additional interview points shared to the class. The main suggestion I have for this is to talk about more on the approach that will help interviewees follow a flow and express talking points during interviews. Examples are ARM, FAB Elevator speech, and other techniques that will teach the method rather than trying to analyze each possible questions.
I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s graduation!

Chukoy’s First Moments

Hello there my Chukoy!

I can’t remember the official time and weight and some other details of your birth. Who cares? – You are here now and that is the most important.

You showed great teamwork with your mom back there (delivery room)! It took you long enough – but it is all worth it.

I love you, my son.